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The convention live stream will be available to play below. If you have problems viewing the live stream, you can go directly to our Youtube live channel.

Convention Program

Chairman: Br Nicholas Charcharos

7.00pm Opening

7.15pm Br Fred Binns (England) – A cup In the Lord’s Hand

8.00pm Break

8.15pm Br Kent Borjesjo (Sweden) – Satan’s Evil vs God’s Love

9.00pm Closing

Chairman: Br Darryn Greenhalgh

9.00am Opening

9.20am Br Matthew Christopher – We Are Being Refined by Fire

10.00am Break

10.15am Br Arbur Fernets (Canada) – The Marriage Contract

11.00am Break

11.15am Br Irek Kolacz – “Die Stimme” – For Jews

12.00pm Break

12.15pm Br Kent Humphreys (USA) – The Glory of God In the Heavens

1.00pm Break for Lunch

Chairman Br Adam Kopczyk

2.00pm Bible Study – Psalms 19:1-6

3.30pm Break

3.45pm Br Robert Busttil –  Address TBA

4.30pm Closing

Chairman: Br Ray Charlton

9.00am Opening

 9.20am Br Darryn Greenhalgh – God who Knows the Heart

10.00am Break

10.15am Br Mike Balko (USA) – Our Foundation of Faith

11.00am Break

11.15am Br Bill Dukta (USA) – Fake News

12.00pm Break

12.15pm Br Adam Kopczyk (Theme Address) – The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

1.00pm Break for Lunch


Chairman: Br Matt Christopher

2.00pm Opening
2.15 Address Br Ray Charlton – The Book of Romans

3.00 pm Break

3.15pm Br David Walczak – Address TBA

4.00pm Closing

Joining the Convention Online

The convention will use Dialpad Meetings conferencing software.

It is possible to connect to Dialpad Meetings via computer, smartphone or tablet. For brethren in the USA and Canada it is also possible to join via phone call.

Computer (PC/mac)

To get started with Dialpad Meetings on your computer ensure that:

– your internet connection is stable
– web browser is compatible (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome work best)
– your web browser is up-to-date

Once you are done setting up, simply click on Open Live Steam to join the online meeting room.
For more information navigate to the Dialpad website.

Alternatively, download the Dialpad Meetings desktop app rather than using a web browser; this can be especially useful if you are having trouble joining via web browser.

Smart phone & tablet (android phone/tablet or iPhone/iPad)

You can also connect to Dialpad Meetings from your phone or tablet by using the Dialpad Meetings app. Install the app through the google play store for android, or the apple appstore for apple iOS devices.
Refer to the help section below for more details on connecting via smartphone.

To connect, use the conference meeting room: https://meetings.dialpad.com/australianconvention

Phone Call

Brethren in the USA and Canada can join by phone: https://www.dialpad.com/features/international-conference-calls.

1. Call the Dialpad Meetings service in your country:

  • United States: (401) 283-2000
  • Canada(647) 694-4842

2. When prompted, supply the conference number 213-634-3038, then press the # key.

The conference live stream from our YouTube channel should be available at the top of this page once the convention has commenced.

Alternatively, press Open YouTube Live Stream to open our YouTube channel. From our YouTube channel, simply select the biblestudents australia Live Stream to view the convention.

Youtube may provide a more stable connection in the case of low bandwidth internet connections, or devices with less processing power like smartphones, tablets, or older computers.


Dialpad Meetings works best on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Web Browsers; alternatively, use the Dialpad Meetings desktop app for PC/Mac (especially recommended for a better experience in MacOS)









Download the android app





Download the iOS app




The conference id number is 213-634-3038 The USA and Canada can call this number direct

Convention Recordings

Use the link to be forwarded to convention recordings page on our website.

About the Convention

Dear Brethren

The Australian Brethren have organized an online convention for the 13th to 15th of May. During this Covid-19 pandemic, which is keeping Brethren physically apart, these online meetings and conventions give us an opportunity to come together and support each other.

The convention will be broadcast using Dialpad Meetings. The link for the meetings is https://www.meetings.dialpad.com/room/australianconvention. There is Dialpad Help information above on this page if you need assistance in joining or using Dialpad Meetings.

For Brethren without internet this link gives the local number to call: https://www.dialpad.com/features/international-conference-calls. The conference id number is 213-634-3038. The USA and Canada can call this number direct.

The link to the online conference room will be made accessible two or three days prior to the convention, should brethren wish to check the link. All times are Australian EST For your local time go to www.timeanddate.com

In His name

Br Ray Charlton